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Homes and Architecture

If the home fits, buy it. Trouble is, while the home-buying decision is all yours, finding the right home can be as difficult and personal as picking a lifemate. We created Old Mill Lake with that in mind, concentrating on two important areas to ease the pain: inventory homes and custom homes. Don’t let the word inventory scare you, it is simply a custom home that has been pre-built for those who can’t wait anymore. Our Architectural Consultants have worked carefully with a select group of Builders to assure that the inventory homes meet our high standards. Models are available for your discovery. For those who have the inclination to craft their home to their personal liking, we offer the flexibility of purchasing a homesite and choosing a Builder from among the legion that is available within our area.

If you drive the old road out of Venice, the most handsome villas you’ll pass were designed 400 years ago by Palladio, their perfect proportions still fresh to the eye, their construction still solid. We think we’ve evoked the Palladian spirit in designing our Architectural Design Guidelines.

Nowadays homes are often designed from the inside out with no account of how the exterior will turn out. Further separating Old Mill Lake from surrounding estate communities is its strong declaration that the outside does matter. The detailed and well illustrated Architectural Guidelines re-establish the necessary design discipline for compatibility between architecture and the landscape. The goal is to provide both variety and compatibility while creating a sense of familiarity. Homes will not look like television sets, where only the front facade matters. The front porches are real because the streets are worth sitting next to.

While architectural diversity and innovation are encouraged, the eclectic mixture of old European and neo-classical styles ensure that the homes in Old Mill Lake respect the environment. In essence, the architecture of each home reflects the natural, quiet mood of Old Mill Lake through the choice of natural materials and colors and through designs that are in harmony with neighbors and the community as a whole. Homes endowed with a richly expressive and dignified facade.  A home for the journey.



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