The Big Difference!


Country Estate Communities are proliferating in the north and northwest areas of Houston. Scale is one of many ways that Old Mill Lake is differentiated from these communities. We believe that a well-planned neighborhood is limited in physical size, with well-defined edges and a focused center. The size of a neighborhood is defined by a five-minute walking distance from the edge to the center. Most of the Estate Homesite Communities lack a center. There is no central park for adults and children to connect with one another. The land consumed by these mega-developments is so vast that instead of a five minute walk to the center, it�s a five minute drive. Its not that we have anything against perfectly strait streets over a mile in length, they�re great for drunk drivers and emergency aircraft landings. We just opted for the short curvy approach. Our streets bend and move with the contours of the land. A little mystery awaits around every turn.

Old Mill Lake has etched a marvelous 235-acre environment that will ensure the value and integrity of the community. One way to preserve property values is to recognize that a house is part of a community, not an isolated object, and that a community includes high standards of civic amenity in the form of walkable streets and easy access to parks, gathering places, and public beauty. These traits are easily recognized in Old Mill Lake. 

Montgomery County is pockmarked with large scale Country Estate Communities from the past that never seemed to find enough landowners willing to build homes. They bought for the future that never came. With the Developer sold and gone, many of the remaining converted to Sellers in a No-Buyers market. Great for privacy; hard on property value! 

One of the throw-ins included in a smaller scale community is the peace of mind of knowing that the community will come to fruition within a foreseeable period of time. Unlike most other Country Estate Communities, in Old Mill Lake the specter of living on a street full of vacant tall grass lots is greatly diminished by the fact that all land owners are afforded a three year opportunity to build, along with the obvious deduction that a 220 acre community will build out sooner than a 2,000 acre one. 

Indeed, life has a way of throwing you in reverse from time to time. Like the 1986 relationship that was going along just fine until she showed her true colors during the 1987 NFL playoffs. Or those triple-A bonds you invested in a little to heavily that turned out to be, well, junk. A forward journey is assured in Old Mill Lake. 


Electrical lines run underground instead of through streets and yards. Cable is offered by Warner Cable. Central water and Natural Gas are available. And decorative street lights light the way, a rare find in these parts. 

Gated Access

Because our streets are private, we are able to offer a gated entry with a communication system that allows the visitor to be viewed from any computer or television screen prior to any oral exchange. A great way to dissuade the pesky vinyl siding salesman that can�t seem to overcome the "Architectural Guidelines" objection. 

Easy Access

Just a few miles down the road and you're whisked away on Highway 249 with a clear shot to Houston and the Beltway. 


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